My name is Kelly.  I started this blog to journal the things I am interested in.  Crafting, baking and board games.  I know it doesn’t sound like they go together.  To me they do, both involve a lot of strategy, innovative thinking and a sense of of accomplishment.

I love the challenge of creating things and am excited to document the projects I do, whether they turn out or not. The essence of a true DIY’er.

I also happen to love board games and how they bring people together, so I want to be able to share my opinions on the games I’ve tried to help others build their collections with games that match their personalities.  For anyone who says they don’t like board games, I strongly believe they just haven’t found the right one for them.

You can’t play games without a good snack, sweet treats are my specialty.  If you need to ask me for a recipe I’m hoping you can find it here.

For additional updates please follow me on Instagram or Pinterest.

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