Campfire Snacks – Cinnamon Apple Slices

We are nearing the end of August and I don’t want summer to end. Nothing says summer like a good campfire so it’s time we discuss food options.

This year I have been really into the idea of cooking apples. Just because the treats are usually chocolate based it seemed like a sweet and delicious change of pace.

  • I’ve made this twice this year and if I’m going to be perfectly honest had very different results. The first time I cooked it technically on the bbq and served it at the fire. It turned out great. That was two weeks ago. I was supposed to write this blog post but it was delicious and I ate it before remembering I needed to take pictures. Whoops.
  • The recipe is simple for camping. A lot I already had. I think there’s a little leeway depending on how much cinnamon you want to taste but roughly this is what you’ll want per apple.
    • Apple preferably Granny Smith
      1 teaspoon Cinnamon
      1/2 tablespoon Butter
      2 tablespoon Brown Sugar
      Dash of nutmeg

    First we peeled and cut the apples into pieces. I cut them fairly small so they’d cook a bit faster. Then packaged a couple apples together in each packet.

    In a bowl mix the cinnamon, nutmeg and brown sugar together so it’s evenly mixed. In the packet with the apples I threw in small pieces of butter. Then sprinkled the dry mixture on top.

    With the apples ready package it up twice in tin foil the placed it on the bbq for about 15 minutes.

    This is the best part of the bad batch. I cropped out the burnt part

    I really wanted to share my success and triumphantly post about how great it was but the second batch wasn’t quite the same. It still tasted okay in the right spots. The differences were small but thought I would mention to avoid any similar errors.

    • I used margarine instead of butter, out of necessity.
    • We cooked this one one the fire without a grill. One side got too close to the fire and burned. Burned apples do not taste good. Be careful when cooking fire can outsmart you.
    • When we went to get it off of the fire we poked the aluminum and lost some of the liquid. Apparently that was crucial for taste.
    • Despite our shortcomings the not burned half was okay in the limited juice we had left. We just didn’t eat all of it this time around.

    If you are trying to get away from marshmallows and chocolate cooking apples as a dessert is a good option. It’s basically a pie filling in the perfect setting. Eating warm apples around a fire just feels right.

    in fact I want to play around with this as a base. Add more and see what happens. So there will most likely be a post with some new options coming your way soon.


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