Scrap Fabric Scrunchie

Scrunchies seem to be popping up everywhere and the trend is pretty handy for anyone with leftover fabric.  If you are looking for scrap fabric projects this is as easy as it gets.  It will take virtually no time, so if you are looking to make a lot of items quickly, this is pretty ideal.

For this project you will need:

  • sewing machine
  • fabric – anything from cotton to velvet works
  • safety pin
  • elastic

To begin pick some scrap fabric and cut a piece about 4 by 20 inches.

Start by cutting your fabric

Fold the fabric so it is inside out, then pin and sew the wide length.  This will create an inside out tube.  

Inside out fabric sewed together

Attach a pin to the outside to use as a guide to turn the tub right side out. Once it’s done you can remove the pin.

Cut a 7 inch piece of elastic, and place it inside the tube, pin one end of the elastic to the fabric.

Pull the other end of the elastic so it comes out the other side. 

Pin the least to the top then pull through

Remove the safety pin and sew the two ends of the elastic together. Since its elastic, run it through a couple times so the stitch holds.

Turn one end of the fabric inside to cover the raw edge and place the other end of the scrunchie inside enough to sew together.

Scrunchie with the final stitch

To finish either run the edge through the sewing machine or hand sew the edges.

Again this is probably the fastest project I’ve done. This would be great for any cool leftover fabric you aren’t sure what to do with. This could easily be made for a craft fair, it costs barely anything to make and takes very little effort to put together.

Finished Scrunchie

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