MTV The Throwback Music Party Game

I love everything about music so when I found out about this game, I went looking for it. This was surprisingly hard in Canada, I did see it in any stores eventually found it online. Needless to say, I am really excited. This game plays almost identically to Blockbuster, the movie game I absolutely love. I will say this is probably harder than Blockbuster depending on who you play, since the cards are just artists, anyone not familiar with their work may struggle to give clues. With Blockbuster movies are a bit easier to fake if you haven’t seen them. There are some small differences between this and Blockbuster, the biggest being instead of charades for the last card its a performance. If you are worried about it being difficult, it’s not trivia based so that does help a bit. When it comes to a music game, this is definitely the one I will be playing.

MTV is for ages 14 and up, I assume you wouldn’t want to play with kids because they probably wouldn’t be familiar with a lot of the music. This is a party game and can accommodate more than 4 players, you will be playing with two teams. The box does not say how long it takes to play, I will assume about half an hour.


  • Deck of artist cards
  • Deck of head to head cards
  • 1 buzzer
  • game board

To setup, place the board in the middle of the table and have the two decks of cards on the table face down near the buzzer.

To play, divide the players into two teams. Pick a player on each team to give clues this round. The two players are going to go head to head to see who gets to pick the cassette cards first.

In the head to head round, turn over the head to head card to see the category. The first of the two players with an answer shouts it out and hits the buzzer. The other player now has 15 seconds to come up with a different answer and hit the buzzer. This continues until one player runs out of time.

Head to head cards

The winner of the head to head gets to pick up 9 cards from the artist deck. They pick 3 they want to use and pass the six other cards to the other player. Only the person giving the clues should look at the cards.

The person giving the clues on both teams then places one card on each of the options on their side of the board.

The options are:

  • One word – Describe the artist using only one word
  • Lyric – Speak a lyric from one of their songs
  • Performance – hum, whistle or scat one of the artists songs

The team that won the head to head round goes first. Hold down the buzzer for 2 seconds to start the 30 second timer and give the clues. You can go in any order and if you get stuck you can always come back to a card.

If the team gets all three answers right you can try to steal from the other team by giving clues for their cards.

After the 30 seconds the other team goes. That is how one round is played, the next round you will have different players face off head to head and do it again.

At the end of each round if a team has 3 of the same type of artist card they can steal a card from the other team, you can only do this one per round.

The first team to get a card from all eight categories wins the game!

If you have a group of friends really into music, definitely bring this one out. It is a lot of fun and great way to play with a really large group.

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