Chainmaille: Byzantine Chain and Simple Pendant

I’m still fairly inexperienced when it comes to chainmaille. Byzantine has sort of become my go to chain. I love how simple it is when you get the hang of it and it’s easy enough to work on while you are watching TV. Plus it looks good, there’s something very elegant about this chain. It makes a great bracelet.

Start with six rings chained by two.

Fold the two end rings(red) back.

Open up the middle(blue) rings

place two new rings(purple) through the middle rings(red)

add 4 rings(gold, silver)

fold back the new end rings(silver) and open up the second last rings(gold)

Place two new rings(red) through the middle rings(silver)

Add 4 rings again and continue.


This is a fairly short post so I thought I’d include another way to use a byzantine chain. I put this pendant together with some left over rings, so there’s not a lot of exact ring sizes I can share. This is an easy example to try something different.

I found a larger ring and thought this would look good.

Make a byzantine chain with the smaller rings to fit the outside of the larger ring.

add small rings to connect the chain to the large ring. In this case I used found rings to connect at each point to keep it a bit more snug. Depdending on the size of your rings you may need more or less.

I connected the chain to the large ring with groups of 4 rings.

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