Hive gives me a similar feeling to checkers or chess.  The pieces have such specific movements that you will need to strategize to get ahead of your opponent.  Despite having really simple rules this game can be a challenge for new and old players.

There are a couple different versions of this game, I am playing with Hive Carbon. Only real difference is the colour of the tiles. this version is black and white. Personally I think it looks better, but it does make it harder to tell the bugs apart. No matter what version, the components in the this game are amazing. My only complaint on this version is the travel bag isn’t great, it easily looks warn, I will probably end up making a bag with fabric. However that in no way effects the gameplay so it isn’t a big deal. The bug pieces are thick and chunky making it easy to pull this game out anywhere. The pieces are durable and made to last. It gives the game a very elegent and classic feel. Also it’s more than just looking great, these pieces are made to go anywhere. It is an easy game to travel with and bring outside, perfect for that bug theme.

Hive also isn’t played on a board, the game feels organic with the pieces constantly changing the hive shape. Not being contained to a board sounds freeing, but not being able to break the hive can trap you so a lot of thought goes into every move.

Hive is a 2 player game designed by John Yianni and published by Gen 42games and takes roughly a half hour to play.

In Hive the goal is to surround your opponent’s Queen Bee before they surround your Queen Bee. 

Surrounding pieces can be a mix of either player’s pieces.

Set up

Each player takes their coloured pieces

How to Play

The game starts with one player placing one of their pieces. The next player will then place a piece touching one of the sides of the first piece.  

With the exception of that first piece, any time a new piece is placed it has to connect to your own colour.

When moving pieces, you cannot move a piece if it breaks up the hive, all pieces must always be linked.

Unless its the grasshopper or beetle, if a piece is surrounded to the point where it can’t slide out, it can’t be moved. Same as if the piece can’t physically slide in, the piece cannot move to that spot. Since the grasshopper can jump and the beetle can climb, this doesn’t apply to them.

If your pieces are stuck and you can’t move, you can pass on your turn until an option opens up.

The rest of the game revolves around the way the pieces move.

The Queen Bee – must be placed between the first and fourth turn. If you queen is fully surrounded by pieces you will lose. The Queen can move one space per turn.

The Beetle – also only move one space but can also move on top of other pieces and can also drop down into empty spaces.

Grasshopper – jumps over to the next unoccupied space along a straight row of pieces.

Spider – can move three spaces per turn only.  

Soldier Ant – can move to any position on the outside of the hive.

As you can see this game has a lot of movement. I love this type of game but the selling feature is definitely that I can easily take it to the park or camping. I think it’s biggest strength is that durability and I will play a lot during the summer.


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