Red Flags

Red Flags is a card game where you are trying to find the best date while adding red flags to the others. If you like Cards Against Humanity chances are you will like this one. There is not much to the game, just the two decks of cards. The perks cards aren’t all that interesting…

Ghosts Of Christmas

Ghosts of Christmas comes in a really small box but packs a lot in so it should not be over looked. I love a Christmas themed game and this currently is my top one. I love the artwork and I think the components look great. The rule book is short but the game itself can…

A Christmas Story: A Major Card Game

I should start by saying I’m a sucker for nostalgia. I will give a lot of credit to Funko for finding ways to use that love to their advantage. I think it’s a pretty genius idea to come out with these card games. There are a few others and I’ve posted previously about Hocus Pocus….

Campy Creatures

Campy Creatures is a game that’s been on my buy list for a while. It’s hard not to fall in love with this one. The artwork is unbelievable. I love everything about the look of this game, the cards are stunning and the characters are classic. The monster theme comes across really well, it’s definitely…

Smash Up

Smash up is a card game where you are trying to have the most power to control a base. The goal is to win 15 victory points before your opponents. For me what stands out in this card game is mixing the different factions. This game has a lot of expansions available with different factions…

Hocus Pocus Tricks and Wits

Hocus Pocus Tricks and Wits is a Funko Card game. I have a few of these games and will write about more over Christmas. These games are small, low priced and usually themed on movies. This one is obviously based on the movie Hocus Pocus. To be honest, these aren’t really my go to games….

Trial by Trolley

Trial by Trolley, a new card game by Cyanide & Happiness, that is a similar idea to a lot of the other party debate games I’ve discussed in the past. However, this one has a few interesting ideas that add a little bit extra. First it’s played in teams, so everyone is engaged each round….

Happy Salmon

Happy Salmon is one of my absolute favourites.   The game is super simple and it takes only a minute or so to play a round. This is for ages 6 and up and for 3 to 6 players. The Green and Blue packs are pretty much identical except the card stacks have different colours….