New Blog, New Sewing Table

The natural next step to anything is writing a blog.  So here we are, 1st post.

The plan is to accomplish two things, talk about crafts and talk about board games.  That is how I spend the majority of my time.  However, I should probably set the record straight and say i’m not really an expert on either.  So there will be a lot of personal trials and fails on this journey.  In the end I think that is what will keep things interesting.

All blogs have a beginning.  If i’m going to make things, I need the space.  Which is a challenge, since I’m living in a 500 square foot apartment.  Definitely not enough space to hold all the amazing craft supplies I dream of.  But I’ll make it work and you’ll hear about it because finding space is a never ending battle.

So for the longest time I have been sewing at my kitchen island.  That’s hard because I also have to eat.  Which means constantly moving projects and its also hard to reach a foot pedal while sitting on a bar stool. After searching the internet for what felt like a lifetime i think i’ve found a pretty good solution.

This desk from Walmart.

When closed it’s compact and on wheels so i can push it into any clear space, it nicely holds my SE400 Brother sewing machine and all the odds and ends my machine needs. When opened it has a good amount of work space with easy access to all the supplies.  Perfect for sewing and any other craft projects that need a workspace. I also find the idea of rolling it in front of the tv a game changer.

After what felt like an eternity of assembling, I was pretty impressed but then thought it could probably store more.  So I went to canadian tire to get some 3m hooks to see if that would help.  I have 4 on side the of my bathroom vanity to hang my hair dryer, straightening iron and curling iron and they have been working pretty well.  I think it can do the same thing here.  There’s definitely some extra room on the inside to add a couple hooks for the foot pedal and cords, hopefully enough to clear out the bottom shelf.  I found a couple tiny bags at dollarama to hold the cords for now, will upgrade the bags to something more fun later.

Now that we’re set up it’s time to get rolling, and seriously start thinking about the other blog posts on the horizon.

The desk closed looks clean and doesn’t take up a lot of room
The desk open with a good amount of workspace


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