Cards Against Humanity

When this game came out I was ecstatic.  I loved the shock value, the quick game play but years later, not anywhere near my list of favourites. This is a game for adults.

With that being said it has a lot going for it, especially back when it came out and there weren’t as many similar options.  As a party game, in a way it’s perfect. Instructions take no time, there’s no set up, it’s easy for people to drop in and out of a game, and it’s a hilarious drinking game. 

To play the game, everyone is dealt 10 white cards. One person each round will be the judge and pull a black card as the topic and everyone else picks one of their white cards as the answer and places it face down. The judge then reads out loud all the answer cards and then picks their favourite as the winner of the round. The winner is usually the funniest and most outrageous answer.

However, it’s strength seems to be it’s fault. We liked it so much we went through the cards pretty quick.  The game is based on shock value, after you’ve played most of the cards it feels a bit repetitive.  The replay value isn’t great.  To combat this, they’ve come out with many expansions, so it is easy to grow your card collection. Personally instead of investing more and more money into the same concept, i’d rather try a different game.  Now there are a lot of similar games that can give a bit of variety to this genre so consider branching out.

I will say after sitting on the shelf for 5 years or so, some friends and I came back to it in the summer and since we have forgotten most of the cards, it did get some life back.  I think if you are going to go down this road, I highly recommend putting a limit on how many rounds you play to try to keep it fresh as long as possible.  Oh and don’t play it with your family, I’ve heard one to many stories of people who have made this mistake.  It is definitely adults only, and is not a family game.

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