Cricut – The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

I’d like to start by saying this post is not sponsored by Cricut, but that would be the ultimate dream.

At Christmas a relative raved about how much she loved her cricut machine.  I had never heard of one before and didn’t really know what it did.  After hearing such a great review, I did a lot of research, watched way too many youtube review and was overwhelmed by the possibilities of what it could do.

In case you are also in the dark on this, its basically a machine that can make precision cuts, on paper, vinyl, stickers.  The model I have can even cut fabric and balsa wood. With the cricut and software design space, can add designs to basically anything t-shirts, mugs, etc.  Trust me, I will discuss this at length over time.

I saved for a few months, ordered my cricut off of their website, and it arrived.  Then it sat in a box for a good two weeks.  I was excited but also immediately intimidated, the machine looks so sleek and professional.  It made me very aware that I had no idea what I was doing.  Finally I got the courage to take it out of the box.  It comes with a few materials to make your first project, a card.

The set up for the machine to your computer is quick and easy.  It will run through this first project step by step. You do some cuts on the cardstock and uses the pen to draw the design.  Afterwards you cut a piece of fabric for the kite.  The tutorial was quick and straight to the point.  Making the card covered using the pen, regular blade, the rotary blade and the different mats. It’s like they knew I would panic when I opened it.    By the end of the project I felt confident.  I definitely feel there is a lot of possibilities here. I am looking forward to seeing where this will take me.

There are different types of cricuts and I will be discussing that and what I purchased in my next post. In the meantime, I’m including a link to their website if anyone would like to browse. The prices are in American currency.

Cricut Machine set up. Before cutting, I moved the desk away from the wall.
The pen and blade set up and ready to go.
The final project, started from just a white piece of cardstock.


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