Antique Lace Quilt

A Post from my sister Amanda. Who will be occasionally be sharing her thoughts, progress and techniques on her creative projects.

This is my first venture into half square triangle. These triangles always seemed intimidating and tedious. My usual strip sewing was quick and easy. Why would I leave my comfort zone? This quilt is meant for someone reaching a milestone. Go big or go home, I suppose. If I counted correctly this quilt comprises of 288 half square triangles. Throw in some squares and rectangles and voila! It wasn’t a hard quilt, but you really had to be mindful of HST placement. I did make a mistake in the arrangement. But is was a consistent one, so none the wiser. Now I need to iron a bit moreā€¦ add a border…hopefully finish this by summer.

The tutorial for this Antique Lace Quilt is from Missouri Star Quilt Company. 


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