Killer Bunnies

Killer Bunnies is a game where you are trying to protect your bunnies while at the same time trying to kill your opponents bunnies and as if that wasn’t enough, collect carrot cards.  At the end of the game, one carrot is revealed as the magic carrot, that carrot wins the game so it’s pretty important.

This is for ages 12 and up and 2 to 8 players.  More people makes the game longer to play, but also makes some of the destruction cards more fun to play as well.

The downside to this game is its really hard to do anything if you don’t have a bunny.  A few times I’ve played thats been an issue, if one player doesn’t have any bunnies, they tend to lose interest and it brings down the excitement of the game. On the plus side, this is good for playing with different level of gamers. As much as I wouldn’t consider it a party game, its easy to teach, very low stakes and its a lot of fun if you get into it.   This is really about creating chaos, theres cards you play immediately, cards you can save up, all just to ruin the people around you.

Personally I don’t play this as much as I really should, I think the cards are fun and at the same time, the game can be surprisingly complex.  It’s a really fun game for messing up other people and destroying your friends, if you are into that sort of thing.  To win the game you need at least one bunny alive and the Magic carrot.  You can try to stack the odds in your favour and collect as many carrots as possible, but it’s no guarantee.  As much as there’s strategy to kill the other bunnies, with the carrot theres a random luck element to winning.  Really it comes down to a lot of chaotic cards and eventually some one being declared a winner.  However in this case, it’s not much about who wins but the craziness of the journey to get to that point.

In all fairness I only have the first two decks, if you really like this game there are about 20 expansions so you can go pretty wild on this one if you want to.

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