Cricut EasyPress 2 Starter Iron-On Bundle

So connected to the Cricut Maker post, the companion piece to this is the easy press.  When using iron on vinyl, you can work with a regular iron or a giant heat press.  I suppose this falls somewhere in between.  The benefit of the easy press over a regular iron is you can control the temperature and the surface heats up evenly.  The benefit over a heat press is its portability.

An iron heats up mostly in the centre.  A lot of cricut materials have different temperatures and specific times to leave the heat on because over heating can cause bubbling and under heating can make the vinyl not last as long.  A heat press is ideal, they are quite pricey and huge so definitely not an option for my apartment.

Since an iron will work, this isn’t necessary. However,  I went with the easy press to give a more professional look to the iron on.  I want that even heat, especially for glitter or holographic iron on and i want the transfers to last as long as possible.  To get the most for my money I bought this bundle directly off of the website. With the exchange again the sale price ended up being a way better deal than buying it at Michaels here.  I would definitely buy individual items from Michaels but to get that bulk price this is a lot more affordable.

With that being said, lets talk about this bundle which consists of the following:

  • Weeding Tool Set
  • Holographic Sparkle Iron-On, Blue
  • Holographic Sparkle Iron-On, Gold
  • Glitter Iron-On, Green
  • Glitter Iron-On, Black Gold
  • Foil Iron-On, Red 
  • Everyday Iron-On, White
  • Everyday Iron-On, Gray
  • Everyday Iron-On, Black

For me the most exciting piece is the weeding tool set.  It is something you need and it didn’t come with the maker or in the materials bundle.  You would definitely end up needing to buy some sort of tool set so this was my favourite item between both bundles.  The rest of the items are pretty straight forward.  It’s a pretty large amount of iron on so I won’t really need to buy anything for a while.  Which is fantastic since i’ve spent so much money on getting this whole thing set up.

It will be exciting to see what I can come up with this month while I have cricut access and it will be interesting to test out the iron on vinyl in the laundry to see how long it will stay.  So there will be quite a few posts coming up on this, please check back regularly.

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