Chainmaille – Scale Bracelet

After make a bunch of scale flowers, I didn’t have a lot of small scales left but I really wanted to try chaining them together as a bracelet. So I laid all the small scales out that had at least two matching colours and tried to create a pattern in a straight row, once that was decided I started chaining them together.

Each scale has four rings, two connect it to the scale above and two connect it to the scale below. Once I ran out of scales I just continued using the rings one by one to finish the length. I haven’t really gotten into complex chains yet and felt simplicity was better in this case because I want the focus to remain on the scales.

This bracelet didn’t take a long time to put together, I’d love to try it again with different colour combos and different connectors.

If you’d like to try this project and need supplies, instructions and kits can be bought at The Ring Lord.

The is the front side
This is the backside. You can see how the scales are connected together.
This is what it looks like on.

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