Happy Easter!

Nothing screams Easter quite like eggs and to get in the spirit of things I thought at the last minute I’d decorate a few. I saw this project on Cricut Access and thought they looked pretty classy. I had been wanting to try some smaller project and eggs seems like a good test.

I chose to go with adhesive foil for this project. The machine cut perfectly again. It was different to weed though. The excess ripped a bit a couple times, luckily it didn’t effect the cut. There was no stretch to it like there was in the iron on vinyl. Surprisingly it wasn’t as delicate as I thought it would be.

When it came time to stick the image on the egg there was a bit of a learning curve. As in the egg is curved and turns out thats a bit of an issue. It’s something I’ll have to read up on more. It did help to start in the middle and work outwards.

This project was quick and easy. When it’s all said and done, it did seem like an excessive amount of waste for something disposable like an egg. So much so that I only put four on the eggs and saved the other cutouts to use at another time which should be easy, I really love the designs. If I were to decorate eggs next year it would be interesting to try making a stencil instead, something a bit more reusable.

In the meantime, there’s something hilarious about a chicken on a egg and these four do look great.

Final images after finishing weeding
The chicken – you can see it bubbles a bit
They do look sophisticated. Also delicious.

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