Tsuro The Game of the Path

This is a 2 to 8 player game for ages 8 and up.  It takes very little time to learn, basically you are just following a path and hoping that it doesn’t lead you off the board.

I really like the look of this game, it has a very nice design and a classic feel. It reminds me of something like Chinese Checkers, it has the same timeless quality.  It’s also a game that I feel parents and kids could play together easily.  There’s no gags or references to it, so it won’t be outdated which gives it a lot of replay value.  

To Setup up the game, each player chooses a marker.  The path tile cards are shuffled and 3 are dealt to each player.  The remaining path tiles are placed face down as the draw pile.

To play pick a spot on the outside of the board as your starting point.  Place down a tile card next to your token, then move your token on that path.  As soon as you are done draw a new tile.

Green is moving down the path

Each turn you continue to place a card and follow the path you are on.   Any player with a token on a card adjacent will also need to follow the that path.  

If a player is ready to draw a card and none are available.  They will grab the dragon tile.  This is a reminder for who gets tiles first if any become available.  If a player is eliminated any path cards they have are placed back in the draw pile.

The goal is to not be lead off the board.  So the last person on the board wins.  I’ve had a couple games where 2 people remained on the board resulting in a tie.

This is an easy and relaxing option, perfect for a Sunday afternoon or a day at the cottage.

Blue and Green have lost

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