Simple Fabric Headband

Simple sewing projects are always rewarding.  I have a large amount of scraps and really wanted to make something, so headbands here we are!  This is a project that you start and finish in one sitting. There’s an amazing tutorial for this I will link below, it’s the same thing except a lot more detail if you are really new to these type of projects.


  • cardboard/cardstock
  • 2 pieces of fabric
  • light fusible interfacing
  • elastic

On a piece of cardstock, draw out a pattern.  Mine was 9 inches long and about 3 inches wide on one end and 1 1/2 inches on the other end.  The 3 inch side will be the middle of the finished project, so keep that in mind for the width. The numbers aren’t set in stone, you can make it wider or more narrow as you choose, however you will have to flip it right side out eventually, so you won’t want it to be too skinny. The finished pattern should look like a slightly skewed rectangle.

Fold your fabric in half and place the 3 inch end of your pattern on the fabric fold and cut.  Once you unfold, that will be the length of the headband. Then cut the second piece of fabric the same way. 

To make it a little bit stiffer I used a light piece of fusible interfacing on one of the pieces of fabric.  For fusible interfacing the bumpier side is the side with the adhesive, place that on the back side of the fabric.  I usually put another piece of fabric on top before applying heat, Just in case you make a mistake you don’t want that glue to stick to the iron. You don’t need to leave the iron on long, it will adhere quickly.

A piece right after its been cut but is still folded and a piece with interfacing attached, in that version i pre folded the ends

Once that has cooled, place the two pieces of fabric right sides together and sew along the two long edges leaving the ends open.  After sewing you can flip this right side out. It can be a bit tricky since the headband is small and narrow, but trust me you will get there eventually. Once complete, iron the project so it’s flat.  As an optional note, while this is flat it’s a good time to add any embellishments you may have, for example this is the point where I added my vinyl lettering.

Once you are happy with the way it looks the last step is to attach a 3 inch piece of elastic to connect both ends,  The elastic only needs to go in about half an inch on each side. At this point you can also fold in the ends at the same time to create a hem. While sewing the ends you’ll want to go over the elastic a couple times just for safety.

The back of the headband, With a piece of elastic to give it a bit of a stretch.

Both of these headbands turned out great.  I didn’t think I was a headband person but I guess I am now.  With the little amount of fabric and time this takes I think I’ll be overrun by them soon.


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