Speak Out

Ages 16 plus and for 4 to 5 players. Simple concept, guess the phrase correctly and win a card. The team with the most cards wins.

On your turn draw a card, put the mouthpiece and say a phrase. Repeat the phrase until either your team guesses it or time runs out. If it’s guessed correctly pick up another card and play until you’ve run out of time. If you pass on a card the other team gets to keep that card.

I’m going to leave out the instructions on how to put in the mouthpiece and cleaning the mouthpieces. Their lengthy and and I’m not interested in working through that.

This game is going to be retired from my collection, I’m personally not a fan.

I see why it exists as a party game. Everyone looks and sounds ridiculous and there’s a lot of hilarity from that, which is great, but just doesn’t work practically. There no design to the game. It’s just cards and the mouthpieces. When you use a mouthpiece, sit starts flying, its just kind of gross.

On top of that it’s a tough one to get anyone on board to play. There’s no real good time and place for it. It doesn’t flow with the rest of the games. I could see why a younger audience might like it. It could do well in the teenage and college age group. It just doesn’t work for me.


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