Red Heart Loop-it Blanket

After the success of my first loop thread experience, using loops and threads yarn to make a scarf, I thought I’d give it another go.

This time I’m trying Red Heart Loop-it, which is more of a fleecy sort of feel. The loops and threads that I used for the scarf had a traditional yarn feel which I love, but I can see the threads that hold the loops together pretty easily. It’s not a horrible thing, just something I notice. Whereas the loop it yarn is polyester but the fleecy thickness covers the thread so you can’t easy tell its a loop project. They both have benefits, I wouldn’t pick one over the other. However, for this blanket I’m pretty happy I chose the softer one.

The colors I chose
The fleecy texture covers the thread that hold the loops together

I made this based on one of their free patterns, I bought 7 balls of it on sale for $3.97CAD each. I made the first row 65 loops across. I kept going until I didn’t have enough to complete a new row. Then would start the new row with the other colour. I wanted the darker colour to be the first and last section of the blanket to sort of anchor it together. At the time I picked these, there were a lot to choose from, I could have had more than two colours, that comes down to personal preference. Overall the blanket is pretty basic and very beginner friendly. Unfortunately, when I got through that 7th ball of yarn, My blanket was not as long as I hoped it would be. So I ended up back at Michaels and in a craft day miracle, magically found one only remaining ball of the cream white colour on sale. I bought it and one more ball of the mixed one. Now I’m up to 9 balls of yarn, so for the complete blanket, the cost was $35.73CAD. Still not a bad price.

After adding the last two balls, I went back and fixed the first row to get rid of the loop it edge, please see the scarf post to learn how to do that. It was a little bit trickier than the scarf since you can’t see the threads, you just have to stay aware of where the loop should be to cut at the right spot. I weaved in all the loose ends, and since I switched colour so often that did take a bit of time. It’s hard to note the total time I spent on this project, loop it thread is so easy to work with I would sort pick away at it a ball or two a night. I could have easily finished it faster if I had set aside specific time. For me it was more of a casual project that I didn’t have to think to much about and could work on while I watched TV.

In the end, this blanket is stunning. It looks so good, and so sophisticated. I am completely in love with it. It is so soft and warm, the perfect throw blanket for the couch. The only thing I’m upset about is that I this was on clearance and I can’t buy more. When more goes on sale I would definitely buy this again, it’s a relaxing project great to make for gifts.

Finally done fixing all the loose pieces
So sophisticated I had to pair it with a classic game.

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