Scrabble Slam

During the middle of summer if you are looking for a very small game to pack when travelling or for camping this could be the one. Scrabble slam is a 10 to 15 minute game for 2 to 4 players, ages 8 and up. This is a good game for kids to work on vocabulary and word recognition skills. For adults, it’s a speed game and I always enjoy those.

Now I love scrabble and will get to reviewing that one soon. The problem with a scrabble board is you can’t always bring it with you. Also, it can be harder and less interesting for kids to play. This takes away all of those issues. It’s just one small deck of doublesided cards with letters on it to resemble a scrabble tile and it’s more fast paced than strategic. Goal of the game is simple, first person to get rid of all their cards wins.

To start, spell out a four letter word with the cards then deal the remaining cards out. For this game I have started with Hint

Just a reminder, the cards are double sided, in the corners both letters are listed so you won’t need to keep flipping it over to see. Just like in scrabble, if you get a blank card, it’s wild and can be any letter you choose.

Start the game by saying go. It’s a speed game so there are no turns. Place a card down by using the letter to make a new word. A couple rules to follow:

  • You can not place the same letter in the same spot twice in a row.
  • It has to be an actual word, no slang or names.
  • it has to remain only 4 letters

I think you get the idea. The winner is the first person to put down all their cards.

As long as you can spell 4 letters words that is everything you need to know and you are now good to play!


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