The Classics – Sorry!

Sorry! is a game I grew up playing, it was easy as a child to pick up and a lot of fun. As an adult I still feel the same way. For me there’s a bit of nostalgia attached so I could be biased, but who doesn’t like mischievously saying sorry. This is a simple game with not a lot of strategy and is really dependant on luck. If you are looking for a game to play with your kids, or something easy and pretty laid back, why not try a classic game of Sorry! For a game that was sold in North America in the 1930’s, it’s doing a great job at keeping our attention.

Travel around the board to try to get home

Sorry! is a 2 to 4 player game ages 6 to adult.  The goal is to be the first player to get all of your coloured pawns from the start circle to home.

To setup the game, start by choosing what colour pawns you will use then place them in the start circle of the same colour. Shuffle the deck and place face down on the labelled spot on the board.

To play, the first player turns over a card, if the card is not a 1 or 2 they stay where they are and the next player goes.  Once a player turns over a 1 or 2 they can move their first pawn.

On each turn you can only move 1 pawn with your card.  If you don’t have a pawn that can be moved you forfeit the turn.  However, if a pawn can move, it must.  Follow the instructions on the cards as you play, some have different effects.

You can jump over a pawn that is in your way. That will count as a space. However if you land on the space as another player, they will be bumped back to start. Two pawns of the same colour cannot stay on the same space either.

Follow the cards, if you are lucky get a sorry card and switch places.

If you land on the triangle end of a slide of your own colour, you can slide all the way to the end of the slide. If theres any pawns in the way while you slide, those will get bumped back to start.

In this example the yellow can slide and bump out red and green

Once your pawn makes it to the safe zone, other players can no longer switch spots with you. You cannot enter the safety zone from a backwards move. To get to the home space, an exact number is needed. It is possible to move forwards and then bounce backwards all the way out of the safety zone.

Almost home

The first player to have all 4 pawns in the home spot wins.

Sorry! relies a lot on chance so there’s no telling who will win, so it keeps children and adults on a pretty level playing field. So for family game night definitely give this one a try.  Always a classic and always one of my favourites.


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