Simple Beginner Fairy Skirt

With Halloween around the corner I wanted to post a couple easy suggestions of things you can make that will wow the people around you, without taking a lot of your time. One of the Easiest is this fairy skirt I created last month. It was quick and easy, I wore mine over shorts so I didn’t have to worry too much about coverage, but if you plan on wearing this as just a skirt you may add additional squares or length.

Loving the way this shiny fabric looks.

For this project you don’t need much, just some fabric, your trusty sewing machine and either velcro or clasps. Be as creative as you’d like with the fabric. I recommend anything that doesn’t fray, since this is a costume piece, you wouldn’t want to spend all your time hemming every single square.

Start by measuring your waist, then add a couple inches to make room for attaching. Then cut a 10 inch strip to that waist width. Pin the good sides on the fabric together and sew a long tube. When you are done turn the tube inside out and hem in the raw edges on the two ends. Attach either velcro or snap buttons on each end so that it will connect together. Once this is done, you will be able to wear this around your waist. It should look somewhat like a big thick belt.

The second phase of the skirt are the squares. You are going to need to cut 12 by 12 squares. I cut 8 for my skirt, but you may need more or less depending on your size. If you chose a fabric that frays you will to hem all of the sides before attaching to the waistband. To attach the squares, sew them on the inside of the waistband you created. The squares should overlap a bit to help reduce gaps in the skirt. Once there are squares covering the entire band you can try it on and see how it looks.

A bit of overlap helps, if I make another skirt I will have them overlap a bit more.

There’s a few variations to this project, if you’d like more length you can cut larger squares or add a second or a third layer of squares lower down. Keep in mind the extra layers may require a thicker waistband. The nice thing about any costume piece, it’s a good opportunity to be creative. This project is supposed to be fun and whimsical so don’t hold back on mixing different colours or materials. No matter what you choose it will be unique and something you made yourself which is my favourite part of Halloween.

My Finished skirt, A little wrinkly but still looking good.

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