Chainmaille Christmas Ornaments

I love making ornaments, looking around my craft stash this year and found I had an excessive amount of chainmaille supplies left over from other projects. This project is a bit loose, consider it more of a guide. The results were fantastic, the look is very cool and it’s easy to put together.

First go through your chainmaille stash and look for two sized rings. I used aluminum 16g 5/16th rings and 19g 5/32 rings. The size isn’t overly important, you just want large and one small. I then went to Dollarama and purchased some Christmas baubles I though would work well to contrast the rings.

For those new to chainmaille, I get my supplies from The Ring Lord. You’ll also need two pairs of jewelry pliers to open and close the rings.

The chain itself is simple. It’s just a pattern of a large ring connected to a small ring, connected to a large ring etc. This allows the large rings to lie flat on the bauble. To start chain together a ring to go around the top of the bauble. Mine was five large rings around. Everything else will be built off of this base.

Five rings surround the top of the ornament. In between the first five rings another ring is in between. Then the groups of three start.

Th next row was also five rings. Please see photo below.

From there I started rows off three and attaching the them to the row above. I did enough rows to cover the bauble.

Side view to see how the rows of three connect.
Circled groups of three to show how they connect

That is a brief summary and hopefully the photos help show the set up. As said at the beginning this is more of a guide. I love the idea of draping the bauble with rings so there’s a lot of room to make these unique. You can try different sizes or colour of rings. There could be chains coming off of the main set up. You can add more or less spacing, anything goes.

Since there really aren’t any rules or a pattern to follow this is a great way to use up what you have left at the end of the year.

Final work


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