WTF (What the Fish) Card Game

My nephew got me this one for Christmas and we played quite a few rounds. I love fast paced card games so this fits in well for me. There were 4 of us in the game and I think it might be better with five or six but it was still a lot of fun. The goal for this game is to play a fish and have it survive. Once that fish is on the table everyone is trying to destroy it, there’s a strong “take that” vibe when you are playing which isn’t necessarily for everyone but my family seems to love it. The cards are funny and its easy to tell what type of card it is by the color. If you are looking for a filler game or something quick and fast paced this is a good option.

WTF was designed by Jim Keifer and published by University Games. This a simple card game for Ages 8 and Up and can be played with 2 to 6 Players.

Various fish cards

To setup the game, for 3 to 6 players deal 7 cards to each player face down, if only two people are playing deal 10 cards. Remaining cards are placed face down on the table in a draw pile. When the dealer is ready, he shouts “what the fish!” to start the game. Everyone can pick up and look at their cards. The fastest person will play a fish card. There can only be one fish card on the table at a time so quickness counts.

Kill options

Once a fish is played everyone else will try to kill it by playing either a kill card or a beaver buddha WTF card. The kill cards have to have a combined value greater than the fish card. However a player can save their fish by playing protection cards of greater value than the kill cards. This continues until the player can no longer save his fish or the other players run out of attacks.

Protection cards

To obtain new cards, any time a player has no fish in their hand they can say flint flush and discard their current hand to draw a new hand. There are also WTF cards that can be played at any time to switch hands with other players or to take another players cards.

If a player can’t save their fish they say “belly up , my fish is dead” and then any player can play one of their fish and keep playing. If the fish is saved and makes it through alive that player wins.

Overall the game is pretty cute and very chaotic. The cards are funny, gameplay is simple and good for families. It was the perfect way to wind after Christmas dinner.

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