Banana Split Muffins

A Post from my sister Amanda. Who will be occasionally be sharing her thoughts, progress and techniques on her creative projects.

A family favourite in this house is muffins. The height of the muffin obsession when my son was a toddler. We have had a variety of meals focused around egg, pizza, and banana split muffins. Granted that last one is more of a dessert one. Perhaps that’s why it’s the favourite of the three.

Let the mixing begin!

Egg Muffins in our house are essentially mini quiches. We use this recipe but switch up the veggie content or milk type to what’s in the house. The recipe is very forgiving and easy.

Pizza Muffins are perfect for my son to make himself and pack in his lunch. Again we like the flexibly of the recipe and that it is easy to make.

Banana Split Muffins are a dessert muffin. I use American Test Kitchen’s “Big Beautiful Muffin” recipe out of the family Cookbook. This recipe does not disappoint. However, this would work with any banana muffins recipe.

I just fill pans ½ to ¾ and use a spoon to make an indentation. Use strawberry jam to fill in the indent. It’s roughly a ¼ to ½ teaspoon worth of Jam. Then cover with more batter. You do not want the jam to show. I find jam can become a hot mess in the cooking process if it seeps out and can be difficult to clean.

Adding jam. Top right muffin jam covered in batter

To finish I add chocolate chips, white chocolate chips or peanut butter chips on top then bake according to the recipe.

Muffins in the oven
See all the jam inside

The final product


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