Throw Throw Burrito

Throw Throw Burrito is a game that combines cards and throwing things. Something I didn’t know I wanted and turns out I definitely needed. I love this one, it’s made by the same people that brought us exploding kittens. I love that it keeps that style but has completely different gameplay, it’s fresh and it’s fun. The game is for ages 7 and up and can be played with 2 to 6 players. The goal of the game is to get the most points by collecting 3 of a kind sets. It also helps to avoid being hit by flying burritos, the dodgeball element of the game.

Let’s get to the game, shuffle and deal 15 cards to each player.  Players will place there cards in a pile on their right.  Remaining cards can be placed in two piles on the table along with the two adorable foam burritos and the burrito bruises. Be aware, this game is absolutely adorable yet at the same time terrifying.

To start the game, each player takes the first 5 cards from their draw pile as their hand leaving the rest face down on the table.  

To start the game, countdown 3,2,1, burrito. There are no turns, everyone is playing at the same time. During the game you can never have more than 5 cards in your hand at one time, but you can discard a card from your hand facedown to the person on the left’s draw pile, then draw a new card from your draw pile on the right. This keeps all the cards rotating. The goal is to collect sets of three. When you collect a set, place them face up in front of you in a pile and draw three more cards. If you run out of cards in your draw pile you can draw from the community pile.

Try to collect three of a kind, personally I like the Meowcow


  • 3 matching cards are worth 1 point
  • 3 matching burrito points are worth 2 points
  • Burrito bruises are -1 point

Burrito Battles

Time to get to the good stuff. What makes this game stand out is the burrito battles.  Once you collect three matching burrito battle cards, place them in your score pile but also yell out the name of the battle.  Once a battle is called gameplay stops for the battle. There are 3 types of battles.

Before we get to the types, here are a couple general brawl rules:

  • If you accidentally grab the burrito you automatically lose the battle
  • The person who called the battle will count the game back in to resume play
  • Hitting someone not in the battle is considered a miss
  • If more than one battle is called at the same time it turns into a war
  • If a burrito hits an object before it hits you it is considered a miss
  • Like in dodgeball if your opponent catches the burrito, you lose the battle
  • You can only hold one burrito at a time
Battle cards

Burrito Brawls

When you call a burrito brawl, the players to the left and right of you are immediately in a Brawl.  They need to grab a burrito and throw it at their opponent, first person hit loses the brawl and collects a burrito bruise.  The burrito brawl cards must be a set of the same colour to start a battle.

Burrito War

When a burrito war is called all players except the player who called it are in an all out war.  Everyone must race to grab a burrito and throw it at anyone, first player hit loses the war and gets a burrito bruise.

Burrito Duel

The player who calls a duel can choose any two players to battle.  The two players must grab a burrito and stand back to back.  This is a classic duel, both players say “3,2,1, burrito!”, as they step back for each number and on “burrito” they turn around and throw.  First person hit loses the duel and gets a burrito bruise.

Each game has two rounds.  The round is over once the last burrito bruise is handed out.  Whoever has the most points wins that round.  The winner of the first round gets to keep the Fear Me Badge as a reminder to the other players.  If there’s a tie at the end of the second round, the game winner is decided by a duel.  If more than two players tie, shuffle the deck and draw until a war card appears.  The tied players fight until only one player is left.

This is another one of those games where the gameplay experience means more than who wins. The pressure of grabbing the burrito and the joy of throwing it at your loved ones, really creates a great overall experience. We had some amazing fails under pressure with this game and I loved every second. You may however want to move any breakables that might get caught in the crossfires.

The burritos are an adorable weapon

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