Single Stich Headband and Fingerless Gloves

Final project

It’s winter and in Canada we are definitely feeling the cold. A great time to pick up that crochet hook and get moving. Here are a couple of cozy ideas to help make it through the season. Both only using a chain stitch and a single crochet that we’ve been working with in the other posts. This project can be done over a weekend


For the headband, start by chaining roughly the size of your head. You will want it to stretch tightly around your head. I will check the length around my head, there is some stretch so make sure it is tight. In my experience, it took at couple tries to get the proper size for my head, I tend to over chain but it doesn’t work well for the headband, if it’s too large it won’t stay on. Once you have the desired length, connect the last chain to the first chain with a slip stitch to create a circle. From there chain one, and then single crochet around the circle until it is the desired width. Be sure to double check after you have a row or two set up. That’s the basic headband, extremely simple but can also be dressed up. Feel free to add buttons or ribbon, but the beauty is in the speed and simplicity. For mine I added an edge where I chained 3, skipped a stitch, then single crocheted. This step isn’t necessary though.

Fingerless Gloves

It looks so small with that first row. The important think is to make sure it will stretch

Similar set up to the headband, slight variation. Start with a chain that cans wrap snugly around your hand. Mine were about 14 stitches around, that can change depending on wool and hand size. Be sure to test around the widest part of your hand and make sure it is stretched. Single crochet the same way you worked with the headband. When you get to the point where you feel it’s ready for a thumb hole, chain 3 and skip 3 stitches. Test to make sure that fits your thumb, if its too snug, undo and increase to chain 4 and skip 4 stitches. With the thumbhole accounted for, continue with your single crochet until the project is the desired length. Be sure to count as you go the number of chains and rows and log them so that you can match the second one.

Chain for the thumb hole
The thumb hole is connected

This project is adorable but sets you up for a mitten project we will do next. Although this is a bit of a loose instruction, I hope it helps problem solve and gives logic to setting up projects to fit you. The beauty of crocheting without being locked into a pattern it won’t take all your concentration. For something this simple, it looks cute, was beginner friendly and you can proudly where it during those chilly winter months.

The gloves stretch nicely over my hands.

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