Unlock! Escape Adventures – Squeek & Sausage

I love escape rooms, but with the pandemic in our lives it doesn’t seem like I’ll be going back to one anytime soon. Luckily there’s a few different escape room game options to play at home. The first one I am trying is from the Unlock! series. They are pretty impressive and they seem to have a lot of different versions. You can buy one mission or you can get a package with three. The one I bought cost less than one admission to an escape room so that’s pretty good. It’s not the same type of experience but I still really enjoyed it.

The box comes with an information pamphlet, tutorial cards and game cards

Since this is an escape room, I can’t really go through the rules or show too much without ruining it but I will give an overview of my thoughts. The version I played was Squeek & Sausage. It is for ages 10 and up, 1 to 6 players and hopefully only takes you an hour. I played solo and it did take me just over an hour. Technically I failed, but I had fun trying so it’s still time well spent. I personally think 6 people would be way too many. I feel with a smaller group everyone would feel involved.

The cards were very cartoony and fun, since this is the only one I’ve played so far I’m not sure if other versions are darker. This one was pretty kid friendly. The back of the box does have a difficulty level, this particular game is at a 2 out of 3 level. The nice thing about the Unlock! series is the game can be put back in the box and played by someone else when you are done.

You’ll need to download the Unlock phone app before you begin. The app was pretty cool. It has a timer, music, clues and code button. I used the hints more than I’d like to admit. The clue button looks like a calculator that you can use to type in the card number for a clue.

When you open the box there is a deck of cards and a game overview pamphlet. I really appreciated that it came with a tutorial mission. That helped a lot to get used of how the game works. So to start, take the tutorial cards out and follow the instructions on the first card. Open the app and click on tutorial. The tutorial is 10 minutes but will make playing the real game a lot less stressful.

The tutorial cards

When you are feeling ready to start the game, find your game version in the app, press start and you are ready to go. There were a couple times where I was frustrated because I seemed to have missed a couple cards and I still can’t figure out how that happened. Also, there was a couple spots where I got stumped there wasn’t really a clue to help. Despite that I did manage to finish. Overall I liked this a lot more than I thought I would and I’m really excited to pass it on to someone else. It’s worth buying and I think I’d try another one, probably in the pack of three.

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