Homemade Popcorn Seasonings

Popcorn is not my favourite snack, but I really want it to be. I thought if could make my own seasoning, I could make popcorn a bit more appealing. For the next little while I will be making my own seasoning, taste testing and giving my thoughts. This post will be updated as more seasonings are made.

First pop your own popcorn. The microwave stuff has a lot added into it that isn’t good. I use a Whirly Pop, which I love but there are also really affordable air poppers you can easily pick up. Once you have something to make the popcorn, the actual kernels are pretty cheap. You can buy a bag that will last about a year for only a few dollars. It’s great to always have a snack available.

The first four seasonings I found a great site for here, I doubled the amounts and instead of immediately adding them to the popcorn, I picked up some fun salt and pepper shakers at the dollar store. That way I can control the amount I put on and it’s a fun way to serve popcorn at a party, giving guests the freedom to choose their own flavouring. It backfired a bit with the shakers, the seasoning actually didn’t sprinkle out the top as I had hoped, but it’s nothing a small spoon can’t fix.

Also I lightly buttered the popcorn before seasoning so that the seasoning had something to stick to.

  1. Taco Seasoning

With just two ingredients this one is the most simple and I enjoyed it a lot. The nutritional yeast will give it a bit of a cheesy flavour and the taco seasoning adds a bit of a tiny kick. This took a minimal amount of effort and I really liked the result.

2. Dorito Seasoning

The Dorito seasoning was good, but I personally I liked the taco seasoning better. This had a similar taste to the taco seasoning, but required a bit more effort and the taco seasoning had a stronger taste in the end. You definitely are aware you are eating popcorn and not Doritos, which I guess is to be expected but I still found this upsetting. It wasn’t bad, but I will finish the taco seasoning first before going back to this one.

3. Cinnamon Seasoning

I loved this one. Super simple and reminded me of funnel cakes or those little tiny donuts you get at a fair. This one was the right level of sweet. It was my favourite by far, I wish I was eating more right now.

4. Gingerbread Seasoning

This tastes similar to the Cinnamon Seasoning, but I guess I just like cinnamon more than ginger. I did find i I liked the sweet seasonings better overall so this is still a good option. It just wasn’t as good as the cinnamon for me.


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