The Mind Extreme

What’s New About the Extreme Version?

Last year I was introduced to The Mind. I consider it to be the ultimate cottage or camping card game. Everyone I know has fallen in love with it. When I saw the extreme version, obviously I had to pick it up.

If you’ve never played The Mind, I recommend starting with that version and you can read my blog post here. The extreme version takes things up a notch and believe it or not is harder, so knowing the original game will help.

For this game, the basic rules are the same, there’s just a few added twists. Instead of 1 deck of cards of 1 to 100, there are two decks of 1 to 50. The white deck is played in ascending order, the red deck is played in descending order. Also in certain levels one or both decks will be played blind, with cards being placed face down. I’m pleasantly surprised that they were able to make a new version that still feels fresh and different with the same concept.

The set up is easy, place your level card stacked up with level 1 on top and the add appropriate number of lives and throwing stars on the table to start the game.

  • 2 players: level 1-12 2 lives 1 throwing star
  • 3 players: level 1-10 3 lives 1 throwing star
  • 4 players: level 1-8 4 lives 1 throwing star

Shuffle the red and white decks together and deal the same amount of cards as the level to each player. For level 1 everyone gets one card. For level 2 everyone gets two cards and so on.

Everyone plays as one team. There is no player order, cards are laid when it feels right to do so. There will be two piles to create, one with the white cards which will be in ascending order and one with the red cards which will be in descending order. If you succeed you move on to the next level, if you fail you lose a life.

Once the cards are dealt everyone places one hand flat on the table. Once everyone is in, the game begins. Once the game is on there is no talking, communicating or gesturing. If a player thinks they have the lowest white card or the highest red card, they lay it down on the table. Both stacks of cards are played at the same time.

For this level, the white deck has a handprint symbol so it will be need to be played blind. Also there’s a life card on the bottom right so if you pass the level you will gain a life.

At level three, the idea of playing blind is introduced.  If the level card has a hand symbol above a deck, that deck for the turn is played blind.  Playing blind means placing cards for the deck face down, so you won’t know until the very end if you succeeded.

To help you succeed you will also occasionally get throwing stars. To use a throwing star a player can raise their hand during the game, if everyone agrees, the card can be used. All players then can choose either their lowest white or highest red card and places it face up in front of them. I find I always forget about the throwing stars but they are really handy when people are unsure about playing a card.

When all cards are played in the right order, you’ve won the round and can go to the next level. If you made a mistake along the way the team loses a life(one of the rabbit cards). If you lose all your lives you’ve lost the game. Once you pass all the levels for the appropriate amount of people, your mind reading skills are at their best and you’ve won the game.

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