Pitch Car Mini

I haven’t seen this game in stores for years so when I saw it I had to pick up a copy. This is the mini version so its smaller than the original but it is the same idea. This game has been around for a while and there are a lot of different expansions to make the tracks more interesting. This is also the first dexterity game I’ve posted. The concept for it is simple, just cars on a racetrack. Personally, when it comes to dexterity games i tend to think the simpler the better and this fits that description.

This is a game for 2 to 8 players, ages 6 and up and takes about 30 minutes to play. The goal of the game is to be the first to finish 3 laps on the track.

One of the different track set ups

The game rules are simple, set up the race track, there’s suggested different ways to do this. Being able to switch the track game to game makes the game a lot more fun. To get the player order, you will start with a qualifying lap. Once the order is established set up the cars in order and you are ready to start.

Ready to race

Take turns flicking the car forward on the track with your finger. If your car turns over or falls off the track you must put it back to where it was before you pitched it and the next player takes their turn. If your car makes another car fall off the track both cars go back to where they were and the next player takes their turn.

If your car is next to the railing you can move it out to be able to flick it. The car is only allowed to move a max of two track pieces at a time.

First player to make it around three laps wins.

This a great game for any age and especially for a family game night. Each game you can switch up the track and make some great plays. It’s easy to follow and great for kids. Hopefully since I was able to find a copy it will show up more often in stores. If you have the option of this or the regular Pitch Car I would go with the full size version, but this one will do if it’s whats available.

Even the cat wants to play!

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