If you like air hockey you are going to love Klask, it really feels like you are bringing an arcade game home and it even fits on a table. The board looks small and the game seems easy but staying into control and not ending up in your own goal can be extremely tough. This is a dexterity game it’s all about coordination and timing. The magnet controllers really make you think about where you are on the board making it simple yet really effective. One thing to expect with this one is the board does get worn pretty quickly. It still works great but will definitely look well played. Otherwise the board feels like quality, there is a similar game called Hero Hockey that is a bit cheaper but if you can afford the cost you are definitely getting the extra quality with Klask. Klask is a game for everyone so please pick this one up if you have a chance.

Klask is a two player game for ages 8 and up. It was designed by Mikkel Bertelsen.


  • Game board
  • 2 magnet controllers
  • 2 steering magnets
  • 4 white magnets “biscuits”
  • 2 balls
  • 2 scoring disks

The goal of the game is to score goals while avoiding obstacles. First player to 6 points wins.

To play you will use the magnet piece under the board to the control magnet piece on top of the board to hit the ball.

There are four ways for you to score a point in this game:

  1. If you hit the ball into the opponents goal and it says in.
  2. If three white magnets stick to your opponents striker.
  3. If your opponent loses control of their striker.
  4. If your opponents striker gets stuck in their own goal. This is called a Klask and happens a lot.

That’s all for rules. The game pretty straight forward and a lot of fun. This is great if you want something with an arcade feeling with a fraction of the space.

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