Wrist Lanyard for Keys or Fob

Here is probably one of the easiest sewing projects I have come across. Plus it is great for learning the basics of making your own bias tape. I had come across a picture of a wrist lanyard and became obsessed with the idea of making them myself.

Things you will need:

  • Fob hardware 1 inch wide
  • Cotton fabric 4×12 inches
  • Light iron on interfacing 4×12 inches
  • Heavy duty Pliers for fobs or glass cutting

To start the project you are going to cut a 4 by 12 piece of fabric and a 4 by 12 piece of interfacing. Iron the interfacing to the wrong side of your fabric. This will help keep the fabric a bit stiff.

Fold your fabric in half with the good side of the fabric showing. Iron so that it stays to get a good crease.

Fabric folded in half

Open and fold each side halfway in towards the middle crease. Iron again to get the two new creases.

Folding to the centre crease

Then fold in half back to that original middle crease.

Fold in half to the original crease. Look at the nice clean edges!

Using a straight stitch sew the length along the edge of both sides.

At this point you have a nice sewed strip with no raw edges on the length. You can sew the two ends together to create the loop.

Strips sewn

To finish the project you will need to add the hardware. I bought a bulk bag of 30 fob hardware pieces off of amazon. I foolishly thought I could just use my jewelry pliers to close it, learned very quickly that I couldn’t and end up ordering specific keyfob pliers. Once I had the correct pliers, I placed the ends of the loop into the hardware and pressed down on the centre, then went back and pressed down on each side to be sure it was tight.

That’s all it took. this project looks so good and takes no time at all to make. A great and classy beginner project that is perfect for gifts.

The final product


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