The Golden Girls Shady Pines Game Set

It’s 2022, a few days ago the unthinkable happened and we lost Betty White. As a huge Mary Tyler Moore and of course Golden Girls fan I’m a bit heartbroken, she was a legend. 

Naturally the next step for me is to start thinking about planning some epic Golden Girls nights. Which is where this bingo set comes in. 

Now I will start by saying normally I wouldn’t buy something like this. The checkers are cheap but I wanted the bingo sheets. The squares are based off of things that would happen in the episode. I love the idea of playing while binge watching. We could have some drinks, cheesecake and prizes.

However, I was fairly disappointed when opening the box to find that the bingo cards were a pad a paper with not too much variation. There wasn’t a lot here to work with.  Personally if I had come up with the idea, I would have gotten rid of the checker set and instead added themed bingo chips and have the cards laminated. 

In the end that is sort of what I did, I laminated the cards so we could use erasable markers and we will be adding on and making more cards so more people can play.

In the end, is it worth it? Well sort of. A bingo game to play while watching any show is a lot of fun, but there’s no reason you couldn’t make something like this yourself. We are already considering ways to modify it or turn it into a drinking game, its extra effort but will be a lot more fun. So although it’s a fun idea, you are much better off creating your own version. I will give the creators of this credit for inspiring me to make my own bingo cards for a variety of tv shows but that’s about it. There are a lot better themed board games out there.

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