Dixit is a unique party game where you are trying to describe an image without having everyone guess it.  So the statements need to be a bit cryptic to get the right amount of votes.  This game is gorgeous and the cards leave a lot open to interpretation.

This game is for 3 to 6 players ages 8 and up and takes about 30 minutes to play.

Game Components

  • One game board that is used for keeping score
  • deck of cards
  • voting dials
  • 6 wooden rabbits


Take out the board. Each player picks a coloured rabbit and place it on the start of the scoring track. Players will also be given the matching voting dial.

Shuffle the cards and deal out 6 to each player. Do not let other players see your cards. Make a draw pile with the left over cards.

These cards are gorgeous

Game Play

Each turn one player is the storyteller. They will pick one of their cards and make up a sentence or phrase to say aloud.  It can be made of one word or more or even be a sound.  It just has to represent that card.  It sounds a bit obvious but don’t worry there’s a bit of a twist with scoring that makes you have to really think about your answer.

The storyteller will say their sentence out loud and the other players will choose a card from their own hands that they feel best matches that sentence.

They will then pass their cards to the storyteller without showing the other players.

The storyteller shuffles his card with all the other he has received and then randomly will place them along the board. The other players will use their dials to vote on which card they think is the storytellers and hand their dial to the storyteller.   You are not allowed to vote for your own card.  The storyteller will place the dials on the matching cards. 

To score the turn, if all the players have found the storytellers image, or if no one has picked it, then the storyteller doesn’t get any points for the round and everyone else gets 2 points.  So you do not want to be obvious but also you do not want to be so vague that no one gets it.  It’s a fine line.

If some but not all picked the storytellers card, the storyteller will get 3 points and so does everyone else who found the image.

The players, excluding the storyteller will also get an additional point for any vote placed on their image.

Move your rabbit based on the points you receive and then draw a new card to start the next round with the next storyteller.

The person that is farthest along the track when the last card is drawn or the first person to the make it to the end wins.

I love this, it’s not as silly as some of the other party games I have posted about. However, there is a lot of creativity and thought that goes into each storytellers answers. There is something interesting about trying to connect with only some of the players. This is a great game for breaking the ice.

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