Here to Slay

Here to Slay is a game where you are creating a group of Heroes to slay some monsters while avoiding enemies. 

There are two ways to win, either be the first player to Slay 3 Monsters or be the first to have a full Party of six different classes.

This is a 30 minute game for 2 to 6 players ages 10 and up.


  • 1 main deck
  • 6 Party Leader Cards
  • 15 Monster Cards
  • 6 Rules Reference Cards
  • 2 Six-Sided Dice

How to Start

Start by handing out a rules reference card and then have each player choose a Party Leader character and place that card in front of them for the game.  

Shuffle the standard deck and deal 5 cards to each player.  Place the remaining cards face down in the middle of the table.  

Shuffle the Monster cards and flip the top three face up on the table where everyone can see.  Place the remaining monster deck face down on the table.

How to Play

Players will get three action points to spend on their turn.

Options for different actions that cost 1 point:

Draw a card

Play a Hero, Item or Magic card from their hand

Roll two dice to use the effect of a Hero card in their party.  You can only roll once per hero each turn.

Options for different actions that cost 2 points:

Attack a Monster

Options for different actions that cost 3 points:

Discard your deck and draw 5 new cards

If a card tells you to perform an action immediately it will not cost an additional action point.

You turn is over after you have spent your action points or decide not to take any more actions.

That’s how the game plays, but we can talk about more about the cards. 


Each party leader card has a class and a skill you can use throughout the game.  These cards are not considered hero cards so they can be used whenever conditions are met.

The Party Leader card remains in your Party for the entire game and cannot be taken from you


One of the ways to win is to have a full party of the 6 different classes.  Your Party Leader will have a class listing and you will need to have to play the other 5 with your hero cards.  The class listing is represented by a coloured symbol on the card. Along with the class symbol a hero card will also have an effect.  Each of these cards will have a roll requirement and you will need to roll equal or higher to use that effect.

When you decide to play a Hero Card you get to immediately roll to use its effect.  That hero card will be placed in front of you to show it is in your party. While in your party you can use an action point on your other turns to roll the effect.  You can have as many heroes in your party as you’d like.


On your turn you can attack a Monster for two action points.

To attack a Monster card, you must meet the conditions on the card.  It could be anything from a required amount of heroes or a specific class.  If it does ask for heroes, remember your party leader doesn’t count.

Once you have met the conditions you can roll to see if you beat the monster.  If your dice roll is equal to or higher than the Monster cards listed requirement, you have successfully slayed the monster.  If you rolled less there will be a negative effect applied to you.

When you slay a monster you will gain that monster card and the skill listed on it’s card for the rest of the game.  The nice thing about slaying a monster, is no one can take that card away from you.

Every time a monster is destroyed a new Monster card will be drawn to replace it on the table.


Item cards are used to help equip your Heroes.  Most are positive, but there are a few cursed items mixed in.

When you play an item card you will slide it underneath a Hero with the text still showing.  Only one item can he assigned to a Hero at a time.  And if your Hero is destroyed that item goes with them.


Challenge cards can be used to stop other players on their turn. Playing a challenge card does not cost any action points.

Once you have challenged another player, both of you will roll two dice.  If your roll is equal or higher, you have stopped that player from playing their Hero, Item or Magic card.  The other place must discard the card they wanted to play.

If the other player roll higher, they get to continue with the card they wanted to play.

Modifier cards can be used for these rolls.  Cards can only be challenged once.


Magic cards give you a one time effect.


Modifier cards will help give you an edge to win rolls.  You can play these cards instantly whenever any player rolls the dice. For Modifiers with options, state the option you are using out loud when you play it.  Multiple modifier cards can be used on each turn.  These cards do not cost action points and are discarded right after being used.

The first Player with 3 monsters or the first player has a party complete with the 6 classes wins.  


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