Kabuto Sumo

Kabuto Sumo is a game I have been searching for and finally found at a game store while on vacation. It did not disappoint. I love arcades and especially love coin pusher games. They are so satisfying so the idea that I could have that same feeling at home was really appealing.

This game is such a simple and great idea. Even though the game has a short playtime, it is not as easy as it looks. I really felt the game play would be super quick and we might get bored, but moving the pieces exactly where I wanted them took a bit more time than expected. Plus the wrestler cards add a bit of variety to the game to keep it from getting stale.

If you want the game to be a bit lighter and good for kids, you can use the easier wrestler cards that basically just increase the inventory each player has at the start of the game.

Let’s get into how this game plays. Kabuto Sumo is for 2 to 4 players, ages 6 and up and takes about 20 minutes to play.

Box Includes:

  • Sumo Ring
  • Pushing Platform
  • 8 Wrestler Cards
  • 4 Wrestler pieces
  • 8 Signature Move Pieces
  • 5 Large Disks
  • 15 Medium Disks
  • 20 Small Disks

The goal of the game is to either push your opponent out of the ring or for your opponent to run out of pieces. A four player game will be played as teams, otherwise it’s a head to head match.

To setup the game, place the sumo ring on the table. Have each player pick a wrestler card. The wrestler cards will offer players a signature moves that will be unique to them. You do not start with the wrestlers signature pieces but they will come into play later during the game.

Have each player pick a wrestler piece and then match the diagram in the rule book for setup according to your player count. Each player will then receive their starting inventory and you are ready to begin.

Players will take turns sliding pieces from their inventory onto the board. The goal is to push the opponents player off the board. This is very similar to coin pusher games at arcades.

The platform can be placed anywhere around the ring. Pieces must be pushed in a straight line onto the board and stopped once the piece completely enters the ring.

Any pieces that fall as a result of your piece being pushed on the board become part of your inventory.

If pieces fall off as you are moving the platforms or not a result of pushing your piece, they get placed back on the board. If a signature piece is knocked out, it goes back to the supply and not in a player’s inventory.

The game continues until only one wrestler remains or a player runs out of inventory.

This is a classic in the making. It’s simple enough for the whole family and just pure fun. It doesn’t have a lot of strategy, but offers enough to keep you entertained. Aside from being a great family game, the short playtime makes it a perfect filler game for any night. This is one game that will stay in my collection for a long time.


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