Who doesn’t love a good movie? Pitchstorm is all about creating and pitching your own great film to an executive who might have their own ideas for the project. I love this type of party game, it’s easy enough to be playing in minutes and the executive notes add a good twist. Pitchstorm is a game for 3-12 players ages 14 and up.

The idea is to combine a character and plot card for a movie idea

The game contains:

  • Rulebook
  • 164 Character Cards
  • 164 Plot Cards
  • 164 Notes Cards
  • 8 Blank Cards

During each round one player will act as the executive. The executive will draw three notes cards. The other players will each attempt to pitch a movie idea based on a character card and plot card. Each player will draw three cards from either the plot deck or character deck. On their turn the will draw one card from the opposite deck to read out loud and then add one of the cards from their hand to it. That will be their pitch that they have 45 seconds to sell to the executive. During the pitch, the executive will add a note card and force a twist in the plot of the movie. Players will adapt that into their pitch. The executive will then choose the player’s pitch they like best and that player wins the round by scoring a point. First player to 5 wins the game.

For larger groups of 6 to 12 players, everyone will split into teams of two.

Character card examples
Plot card examples
Executive notes examples
A pitch with executive notes example

I have a lot of games that play similar to this one so it really comes down to theme preference. Anyone who loves movies will easily grab onto the idea of pitching their own film. The cards are referencing loose character and plots from movies we all know and love. There’s also a lot of expansions available that will help keep players in their favourite genre.


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