Campy Creatures

Campy Creatures is a game that’s been on my buy list for a while. It’s hard not to fall in love with this one. The artwork is unbelievable. I love everything about the look of this game, the cards are stunning and the characters are classic. The monster theme comes across really well, it’s definitely a game to pull out every halloween. The three rounds are long enough, I don’t think you’d want anything longer. The game is fairly easy to explain and quick to start playing. There’s a bit of strategy for when you play creatures but there’s also a bit of luck with what mortals will show up and the other creatures played. Overall it’s a fairly quick and easy game that will appeal to all type of gamers.

Published by Keymaster games, designed by Mattox Shuler with artwork by Josh Emrich, Campy Creatures is a 2 to 5 player game for ages 14 and up.

This is the 1st edition of the game, the second edition also adds in locations and a few other changes, this will still give you an idea of the game.


  • Clash-O-meter Board
  • Five Player Markers
  • Five Creeples
  • Five Creature Decks with Ten Cards Each
  • Thirty One Mortal Cards
  • 5 Tokens

Set Up

Each player will take a player marker, creeple and one creature deck. For the first game, remove the Demogorgons from the creature decks.

The Clash-O-Meter will be placed between players. The first player will place their player marker at the top of the Clash-O-Meter. Moving clockwise each player places their in order below. All creeples will be placed on the zero spot.

To set up the mortal deck remove any cards that have a higher number in the top right corner than the number of players. Shuffle the cards that remain and place face down next to the board.

How to Play

Everyone’s deck will have the same creatures. You will be using them to gain mortals that can be worth negative or positive points over three rounds. Creature cards all have a strength and abilities.

Based on the mortals available, players will secretly choose a creature and then reveal them at the same time. The player that chose the strongest creature gets to pick first unless someone has an ability to change that. There are different types of mortals, some good and some bad so be strategic when playing creatures.

When revealing creatures, any creature with a red dot on the bottom left will instantly activate the creatures ability from highest to lowest strength. A creature with two dots will activate when they capture a mortal.

The Clash-O-Meter is used for tie breakers. When two or more players use the same creature or the same strength their position on the Clash-O-Meter will determine the order. At the end of the turn the player in the tie moves to the bottom of the token meter.

Captured mortals and used creatures will be placed in two face up piles in front of each player. To start a new turn reveal the next set of mortals.

Rounds end when only one mortal is left to be revealed. Players count their mortal points and take back their creature deck. Mortals will be taken back and shuffled to create the deck for the round. After the third round player with the most points wins.

That’s how the game is played, if you like classic monsters I’d recommend this one even just for the art.

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