Project L

Project L is a game that drew me in with it’s tetris like pieces. The game doesn’t really play like tetris at all, but it does have puzzle quality to it. The components of the game are great, I love the recessed boards and the plastic shapes. It’s very sleek. The game itself is pretty…

A Christmas Story: A Major Card Game

I should start by saying I’m a sucker for nostalgia. I will give a lot of credit to Funko for finding ways to use that love to their advantage. I think it’s a pretty genius idea to come out with these card games. There are a few others and I’ve posted previously about Hocus Pocus….


If you like air hockey you are going to love Klask, it really feels like you are bringing an arcade game home and it even fits on a table. The board looks small and the game seems easy but staying into control and not ending up in your own goal can be extremely tough. This…

Flashpoint Fire Rescue

Flashpoint is a cooperative game where you are working together to rescue trapped victims before the building collapses. Firefighters really do have to work at a team so a cooperative makes sense. Having the board be a floorplan with fire tokens really helps carry the theme well. The game looks good and is easy to…

Hocus Pocus Tricks and Wits

Hocus Pocus Tricks and Wits is a Funko Card game. I have a few of these games and will write about more over Christmas. These games are small, low priced and usually themed on movies. This one is obviously based on the movie Hocus Pocus. To be honest, these aren’t really my go to games….