A Christmas Story: A Major Card Game

I should start by saying I’m a sucker for nostalgia. I will give a lot of credit to Funko for finding ways to use that love to their advantage. I think it’s a pretty genius idea to come out with these card games. There are a few others and I’ve posted previously about Hocus Pocus. They are generally simple card games using a movie IP as a theme. The game itself isn’t all that thrilling, but when you combine it with the theme and the affordable price point, these games make a cute gift and has a large audience.

As for this particular one, the whole peeking at presents and avoiding bullies works for the film theme. The tiny leg lamp purpose’ doesn’t make a lot of sense but I’m glad they included it. I like the cards, but there’s only 15 so I do wish the game was a bit larger. There isn’t a lot of strategy and you are really only playing it as a novelty. Luckily since it’s only going to be played once a year the lack of replay ability isn’t a problem. Even though there’s not a lot to the game it does set out what it means to do, it brings out a favourite movie theme in a very quick and cute sort of way. If you go into this with that expectation you should be okay.

The goal of the game is to swap presents while avoiding bullies and to find the BB gun and decoder pin first.

A Christmas Story Card Game is published by Funko games and is for 3 to 6 players ages 8 and up.


  • 15 Cards
  • 90 Peek Tokens
  • 1 Leg Lamp
  • Instructions


Shuffle the decoder and BB gun cards and a number of presents:

  • 3 players – 5 present cards
  • 4 players – 7 present cards
  • 5 players – 9 present cards
  • 6 players – 11 present cards

Deal two cards face down to each player and the remaining cards face down in the middle of the table.

The leg lamp marker stays in the middle of the table where everyone can reach it.

Each player takes peek tokens of one colour.

How to Play

On each turn players will get to take one of three actions:

1. SWAP – Swap a card with one in the middle of the table. If the card you took is still face down, take a peek and place a peek token on top.

2. DARE – Choose one of your cards and an opponent’s cards and dare them to swap. If they say yes swap cards and if the card you chose is face down, take a peek and place a peek token on top. If they say no to the dare, you get to take the leg lamp and they must choose a card to have face up for the rest of the game.

3. OPEN THE PRESENTS – If you think you know where the decoder pin and BB gun are you can choose to open presents and possibly win the game.


If you have the leg marker on your turn you can do one of the three actions and then place the lamp back in the middle of the table.

TRIPLE DOG DARE – For you turn you can force an opponent to swap a card with one of yours. If the card you took is face down, have a quick look and place a peek token on top.

FREE PEEK – For your turn you can choose to peek at one of your cards and put a peek token on top.

REFUSE A DARE – You can refuse a dare without having to turn a card face up.


If on your turn you decide to open the presents, share the two cards you think are the decoder pin and BB gun. Flip the two cards over if not already face up.

If you are correct and neither of your cards are the bullies, you win. If one of your cards is a bully you lose and the game ends.

If you are wrong you are out of the game, and everyone else continues until there is a winner.

This game is quick and to the point. Not that thrilling to a lot of gamers but good for little nostalgia, a stocking stuffer, quick activity or for a movie fan.

If you like A Christmas Story Card game, try:

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