Cranium Dark

This game is for adults and needs 3 or more players.  It takes about half an hour to play.

This is a pretty simple set up, when its your turn you will pick up an action card and share it with everyone.  This is can be anything from drawing, sculpting or acting.  Then you pick up a cranium card, which is what everyone is trying to guess based on your action.  First person to guess correctly wins the cranium card.  First player to collect 7 cards wins.

I played this and almost immediately retired it from my game collection.  First the adult theme was a bit misleading, it wasn’t very edgy and there wasn’t any shock value.  That isn’t a problem, but I feel they cut down the audience quite a bit, it seems like this could have easily been turned into a family game.  In fact it would make a lot more sense as a family game.

My issue was it seemed to just take the creative cat and star power deck from regular cranium.  Sure this game has the actions that make it more silly, but they aren’t really needed.  If anything I would recommend buying regular cranium and if you feel you want to play a game without following the board rules, just use those cards on their own.   It would be like getting two games for one.

My personal opinion is to skip this one and stick with regular cranium, it’s a way better value. If you looking for a lighter party game there are a lot better options out there.

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The game complete with cranium cards, action cards, timer paper and clay.

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