Trivial Pursuit X

This is an Adult game for four or more players.  The object of the game is to answer questions correctly to avoid getting an X stamp on your head. 5 Stamps and you’ve lost the game.

The game comes with seemingly regular Trivial Pursuit cards, These are questions you’d expect from trivial pursuit, they are difficult except this time around they are quirky with a bit of an adult theme.

The categories are:

  • Geography
  • Entertainment
  • History
  • Arts and Literature
  • Science and Tech
  • Sports and Leisure

The game also comes with a stamper and a dice .With the dice you can roll 3 options, ask the player to your left, skip the person to your left or choose any player.  The dice is nice and really randomizes the game. So there is a bit of luck involved.

Each round one person is the question master, they roll the dice to decide who is answering the question.  If they get it right, the game continues.  If they get the question wrong they an X stamped on their forehead.  The person who just answered the question becomes the new question master and you continue.  If you get five X’s on your head you’ve lost. It’s not so much about winning as it is about not losing.

Honestly, the stamp idea doesn’t exactly thrill me, a quick fix to that is to keep score by having players collect cards.  Eventually I just sat and read questions for the fun of it. That’s the part I’m most excited about. I think the trivial pursuit cards are interesting enough to almost stand on their own.  Even though I may vary from the rules, I was pleasantly surprised with this find.


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