Banana Boats

This is another tin foil classic. I’ve seen people keep it in the peel, personally I take it out. I guess it’s whatever floats your banana boat.

For this quick and easy treat you will need:

  • banana
  • chocolate chips
  • mini marshmallows
  • tin foil
  • peanut butter(optional)
  • peacans (optional)
  • graham cracker crumbs (optional)

When you look at the list of ingredients, there’s a lot of additional add ons. Really that list can be longer, i’m just giving you a few options. If you do use graham crackers, I’d wait to sprinkle them on after the cookings done just to keep them crunchy.

Almost ready to cook

Start by taking the banana out of the peel and placing it on a sheet of tin foil, then cut the banana in half to open it up. In the middle of the banana I fill the space with marshmallows and then cover with chocolate chips. For today’s example I also threw in some dabs of peanut butter. As long as you aren’t allergic, it’s way better with peanut butter. Once all the toppings are in, I wrap in tin foil and place on the coals for about 6 to 8 minutes, just enough for the banana to cook all the way. Once done I eat right out of the tin foil with a spoon.

This is super simple and great for kids. There’s basically no prep time, you can set up a table of toppings and let the kids put together their own. It’s a great alternate from a classic smore with a very similar feel. This is definitely a camp fire classic.

Everything all wonderfully melted together

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