Truth Bombs

Truth Bombs is for ages 14 and up and takes about 20 minutes to play. This is for 4 to 8 players but it’s also a game that could be interesting to watch if you had too many people. The game itself is more about having fun than winning or losing but if you really need to keep score, player with the highest score wins. I have to say, this was extremely well received. I played with family and we know each other fairly well so it was a lot of inside jokes. I imagine if you’re playing with people you don’t know well it wouldn’t have quite the same effect, but we thought this game was hilarious.

To setup the game, hand a sheet of paper to all players to write their names on then pass to the next player. Lay out the colour card mats out on the table. Place one of the question cards on each colour mat. You’ll need on less than the amount of players. For example 4 players would need 3 mats.

To play, answer one of the questions about the person from the sheet you were given. Make sure the answer is in the correct colour spot. Once everyone has answered, pass the sheet on again. Now you will have a different card for a different player. Answer one of the remaining questions about this player. Continue passing and writing until all the questions are answered. Once the last question is filled hold onto the paper you are holding.

Now the fun part begins. Each player reads out the name on their sheet and all the answers. Then the player that the sheet belongs to chooses their favourite answer and tries to guess who wrote it. The writer of the favourite answer scores one point. If the player guessed them correctly, they also get one point. Once all the answer cards have been read, count up the points. They player with the highest score wins.

I can’t stress how much the scores really didn’t matter in the end, this was a great game for getting people talking and just for having fun. It has a similar feel to Telestrations and is really valuable for the social aspect alone. I highly recommend this for game nights with close friends.

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