In Schmovie you are using prompts to create a movie title. I’ve posted about a lot of these types of games before so there isn’t a lot to say. I always have games like this on hand for parties and non gamer friends. For this one I like the theme and handing out the little trophies is a nice touch. I love that this is more creative than most of those other cards because you are completely in control and writing your answer. However, there could be people in your group who don’t like to be put on the spot like that but it works well for me and my friends. The components are fine. I always like white boards in games over paper. The game box is twice as big as it needs to be I wish they would have made it smaller. It’s a simple that works really well with the right group of people. This one won’t take up your whole evening but is definitely worth adding to the mix.

Schmovie is for 3 or more players ages 14 and up. It was designed by Sara Farber and Bryan Wilson and was published by Galactic Sneeze.


  • Deck of What Cards
  • Deck of Who Cards
  • Genre Die
  • 5 Erasable Title Boards
  • 5 Erasable Markers
  • 19 Trophies
  • 19 Trophy Bases

Set Up

Place the stack of What and Who cards in the centre of the table. Have the trophies set to the side. Each player or team gets a title board and a marker.

How to Play

The goal of the game is to collect trophies by writing the best movie titles. The game can either be played individually or in teams. One player each turn will be the movie producer and decide which title wins.

The movie producer will roll the die to determine the genre. Genres can be either sci-fi, drama, horror, romantic comedy, action or producer’s choice. The producer’s choice can be anything and is not limited to what’s on the die. The producer will then flip over a what card and a who card. Players will then use the die and cards to create a movie title.

Players will then hand their title boards face down to the producer. The producer will mix them up and then read the titles out loud. The producer will pick the winner of the round and hand over the trophy.

For 3 to 4 players the first person with 5 trophies win and a game with 5 to 6 players the first person to 4 trophies wins.

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