Nintendo Switch – Ring Fit

Now that the Corona virus is keeping us all at home and my gym is closed, I thought I would post about the games I use to keep me moving. I will start this post by saying I’m not much into video games so don’t expect a lot from this category.

To start this category of reviews, I should say I bought the nintendo switch specifically for this game. When I saw the ads for Ring Fit, I have to say I was over the moon excited. Back in the day I was a huge fan of Wii Fit, although it had its issues it was still a lot of fun and it got people moving which I feel is an underdeveloped avenue for games to go in. Now it was a lot of money to purchase and i debated it for a while, but with everything happening now, I couldn’t be more proud of this purchase.

So it’s been a few months with this game and I still am just as excited about it as when I purchased. The game comes with a ring that you hook in one joy con and a leg strap for the other one. There are a couple different modes to play in which offers something for everyone.

The main menu

Game mode: This mode is where the game goes above and beyond what we had in wii fit. For those of us who think of the gym as a chore, this is what we’ve been waiting for. It’s an actual fitness game, with many levels and bad guys to beat. Sometimes you are running on the spot, doing squats, overhead press or any of the other many exercises they have to offer.

It doesn’t take much to motivate you to complete the action because you want to defeat your enemies. I am completely engaged during the game play, so another set of squats doesn’t seem to phase me. As for negatives, there is lot of down time during game play, however the game logs the actual amount of exercise time. You play the game for 30 minutes but you might only log 20 minutes of actual exercise. I get why people wouldn’t like that, but that I find the full 30 minutes entertaining so it doesn’t really bother me. The ability to easily take this on the road with you or the ability to exercise in the comfort of your own home is priceless to many, especially right now.

An example of a summary

The mini games section is similar to the original wii fit. These are short mini games, that can be used for party games. You can challenge your friends, they’re quick and fun. They get you moving but they aren’t linked together in any way. Whether your are breaking boxes or simply seeing who can do the most front presses, it’s the fun section of the game that doesn’t need a lot of commitment.

Finally if you’d like to lose the games and just exercise, there’s also a section you can create your own workout or use some of their targeted workouts to just do the exercises. I have made a yoga set and an upper body set. They are straight to the point and great if you dont have a lot of time and don’t want a lot of filler.

With the three sections this is an extremely well rounded game. They’ve covered all their bases and there’s enough variety that it doesn’t feel as repetitive as other fitness games. I think if you have the switch, even with the higher price point this is a must. I could not say enough good things about this game. It’s not only the best fitness game for the switch, the games in this category don’t even come close to this one.


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