Fun Employed

Another game that offers a little bit of creative thinking, in this game you are going to build a resume and get a job.  Seems pretty relatable.  This can be played with 3 or more players and is for 13 years and up.

This game falls into a category with Cards Against Humanity or Superfight.  I generally like these types of games, they are always good for a few laughs.  The interview does work better than Cards Against Humanity because you have to present your choices, which allows players a lot more creativity. As with Super Fight there is an added twist with the employer’s question. That add variation and a bit of thinking on your feet. There are no right or wrong answers it is all just for fun.

To start the game shuffle the job cards and place them off to the right, then shuffle the qualification cards and place that deck to the left.

Pick someone to start the round as the employer. All other players will be applicants. The employer deals the applicants 4 cards each. The employer will also take qualification cards equal to the amount of applicants. The employer will then turn over 10 qualification cards face up in the centre. Finally the employer turns over the top job card and places that in the play area. This is the job that everyone is applying for during the round. After seeing the job card everyone has a chance to switch out cards with the 10 on the table to build their resume. Meanwhile the employer is trying to build a hand of questions. Once the interviews begin no more cards may be switched.

Once all that is sorted, each applicant will be interviewed.  The applicant will reveal their qualification cards one at a time and explain why they are best fit for the job. For a bit of a twist, once they are done the employer will reveal one of their cards that the applicant must justify.  

After all applicants have had a chance to be interviewed, the Employer will choose who they think is the most qualified.  That person gets to keep the job card and is the winner of that round.

The player with the most job cards after a couple rounds wins.

There’s a couple variations for this game.  

  1. Applicants are not allowed to look at their cards beforehand and have to make it up as they go
  2. applicants can build their hand but must pass all their cards to the person on their left to interview with

The job interview theme works enough to make it stand out to similar games.  I bought this game after playing it at a bar and felt it was different enough to make it into my collection. We actually at one point starting building our resume before turning over the job card which made our arguments a lot more interesting. We had a good time with this. At this point, I would rather have new themed game than buying expansions to the similar style games because it ends up being a better way to add variety to your collection, so this is a welcomed addition.  

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