There’s so Many Different Ways to Make a Facemask

With everyone needing a mask these days I wanted to compile a list of different options so anyone no matter what they have available can put their own together. It would definitely be better to sew your own mask, but not everyone has a machine available or knows how to sew. Luckily there are also some no sew options with items you already have included in this list.

No Sew Masks

I chose to have the elastic over the ears, but easily make it to go around your head
My second batch of masks

I personally sewed my own masks. I felt it was good to have control over the materials I used and also I was able to add in a coffee filter and wire to give it a little extra. Plus what sewer doesn’t have a bin of cotton fabric they just haven’t gotten around to using. I feel pretty good about the outcome. Once I had the pattern ready and started sewing I hit my stride and actually got through a lot. The first one was a little rough, still usable but not perfect. By the time I got through the fourth I had all the kinks worked out. Use these resources as a starting point, the links are guidelines so feel free to make changes that work best for you. There’s a lot of resources online right now with slightly different variations.

This is definitely a 2020 fashion statement so why not take out some bold and novelty fabrics and have a little fun. There’s two different options that seem to be standard for sewed masks. There’s so many variations for both of these, please don’t feel limited to these videos.

I used the fitted mask. Actually I took the free pattern from cricut access. I found the s/m size seemed to fit me the best. There is also a large and a child version you can cut if you need different sizes. The pattern is simple though, so you don’t need a cricut to do this. I also sewed in a bit of garden wire to the inside of the nose to help it fit better. I just cut a small piece and used jewelry pliers to curl the ends so it wasn’t pointy.

Overall my plan is to make around 10 masks and load each with a fresh coffee filter and place in a sealed plastic bag to leave by the door. In my building I have to use a mask to take the elevator so I will need one daily. With ten, each day I can wear one and when I’m done throw out the filter and put with the laundry.

Mask Sewing Tutorials

I used licenced fabrics for the outside layer and cheaper beige for the inside. The masks aren’t that big so you don’t need a full metre
My second batch of masks to add variety

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