Time to look at another classic game. We are back to word games and today will discuss Scattergories. Now this isn’t a game I play often but it is always well received and as far as I’m concerned it’s timeless. This is kind of a perfect family game night to play with young and old. It is more of a party game than Scrabble and has a lot of room for answers.

Let’s look at the game. Scattergories is a 2 to 6 player game for ages 12 and up, but I have played with kids as young as 9. This game lasts about half an hour.

The box contains the following:

  • 6 Folders
  • 48 category cards
  • 1 Answer pad
  • 20-Sided die
  • Timer
  • Die-rolling board
  • 6 Pencils
  • 6 plastic clips

Object of the game is to fill out a category list with answers that start with the same letter that was rolled. Points are scored if no one matches your answer. Your end goal is to get the most points.

To setup the game all you have to do is give each player a set of category cards, an answer sheet, a folder and a pencil. Now you are ready to play.

This game has 3 rounds that run the same.

All players must decide on the same list number to use. Once decided the players clip the card onto the folder. One player rolls the letter die and calls out the letter. This is the letter you will use for that round.

Once you start the 3 minute timer, all players will fill in the first column on the answer sheets. The answers you choose must match the category and begin with the letter that was rolled. Once the timer stops you can score the round.

You cannot use “A”, “An ” or “the” as the key letter. When it comes to names, the key letter is the first letter of the answer. So if you answer was “Tom Cruise” its because your key letter was a T or “Cruise, Tom” for key letter C. If any answers in the game are challenged you have a vote to decide if it is acceptable. You’d be surprised at what people think will pass.

To score the round, players will read their answers aloud. Players check their answers and anything that matches another player is crossed out. Now you are left with your unique answers, each one scoring a point. Once calculated move onto the next round. I like to play with the variation that if you use a key letter more than once in an answer you get an additional point. For example “Cotton Candy” could get two points.

The next round plays the same, you just have to roll a new letter and fill out the next column. Please remember you can’t have the same letter twice.

After the three rounds are done, add up your totals and the highest score wins. If there’s a tie, the players who tie get to play one more round with a new letter.

This definitely checks all the boxes for a party game. It’s super easy to teach and you can get playing right away. It works well with all ages and there’s not a big commitment or skillset needed to play. The category lists are very generic so there’s lasting power. Which makes Scattergories and great addition to any board game collection.

If you like playing Scattergories, try playing:



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